PRS Billable System

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Technician Support

Paint Color Match Assistance
  • Shop Audits
  • New Product Training
  • Product Mix Review
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Layout Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Color Match Assistance
  • Paint Certification
  • Aluminum Repair

Inventory Management

  • At Performance Refinish Supply we are continually looking to help our customers be more profitable. A way we do that is through inventory management and making analytical reports available. Inventory Management is process that needs to be tailored to each specific customer and Performance Refinish Supply we have the expertise to do that for your business. Below are some of our offerings in Inventory Management.
  • Auto Order Replenishment
  • Bill Insurance Providers for Recoverable Items
  • Secure Products w/BlueTooth Cabinets or Access Controlled Room
  • Reduce Number of SKU’s
  • Management System Integrations
  • See Paint & Material Profitability Numbers, Cost to Sales Measurements, Analyze Tech Consumption
  • A Representative will review Reports and KPI’s with you to create a game plan to help with profitability